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Dense SiC/Si ceramics were prepared by a silicon melt infiltration method. Highly porous SiC ceramics with a wood-like microstructure were prepared by silica sol infiltration and carbothermal reduction reaction. Furthermore, laminated SiC/Si composites were also prepared by the carbonization and silicon melt infiltration of stacked papers.

Biomorphic SiC: A New Engineering Ceramic …

Biomorphic SiC (bioSiC) ceramics are a new class of materials produced with natural, renewable resources (wood or wood‐based products). A wide variety of Si/SiC composites can be fabried by melt Si‐infiltration of wood and cellulose‐derived carbonaceous templates. This technology provides a low‐cost and eco‐friendly route to advanced ceramic materials, with near‐net shape

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Biomorphic silicon carbide (bioSiC) is a ceramic material obtained from natural resources with good mechanical properties, high biocompatibility, and osteoconductivity [15–17]. BioSiCs have a smart hierarchical porous microstructure (pore size distribution, pore orientation, and total porosity) widely determined by the material used as wood cellulosic preform.

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Synthesis and properties of multiscale porosity TiC-SiC

foams [16]. One alternative to honeycos and foams is porous ceramics directly derived from –or inspired by– natural cellular solids, often called biomorphic (or biomorphous) cellular ceramics [17-19]. Wood exhibits a true cell structure, some species such as balsa, pine or cork displaying nearly ideal honeyco structures.

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''Biomorphic'' SiC ceramics can be formed through the controlled pyrolysis of wood to provide a carbon scaffold for infiltration by a Si-containing liquid or gas. Silicon reacts with the carbon scaffold to form SiC with a complex cellular microstructure reminiscent of that of the wood.

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Biomorphic ceramics are produced from natural and renewable resources (wood or wood-derived products). A wide variety of SiC-based ceramics can be fabried by infiltration of silicon or silicon alloys into cellulose-derived carbonaceous templates, providing a low-cost route to advanced ceramic materials with near-net shape potential and amenable to rapid prototyping.

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Reaction bonded silicon nitride components Hexagonal boron nitride powder Dense reaction bonded silicon carbide composite materials (covered by : Indian Patent, 226270, 16 Deceer, 2008) Carbon fibre reinforced silicon carbide components Biomorphic SiC ceramic composite materials Porous SiC ceramics

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Porous silicon carbide ceramics were fabried by liquid phase sintering with 1wt% Al 2 O 3 -1wt% Y 2 O 3 additives during hot-pressing at 1400-1900°C. The longitudinal strain at compressive fracture increased at a higher porosity and was larger than the lateral strain.


Bautista-, Miguel Antonio;Quispe-Cancapa, José Javier;Martinez-Fernandez, Julian;Rodríguez, Miguel Ángel;Singh, Mritjunyay: Microstructural and mechanical evaluation of porous biomorphic silicon carbide for high temperature filtering appliions.


Biomorphic Silicon Carbide (BioSiC) is a reaction formed silicon carbide material obtained from silicon melt infiltration of a porous carbon preform derived from wood or wood-related precursors though high temperature pyrolysis. The resulting material is a SiC/Si composite with a microstructure that mimics that of the original precursor [1-4

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The invention relates to a novel biocompatible material which is intended to be used in the production of implants, prostheses or biomedical devices, comprising biomorphic SiC ceramics as a support material with a coating of bioactive glass that is deposited by means of pulsed laser ablation.

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Biomorphic silicon carbide, a porous, light and high strength ceramic typically derived from natural wood, has great potential in high temperature and structural appliions. Over the past several years, researchers have developed three main routes to fabriing biomorphic SiC:

Extensive Studies on Biomorphic SiC Ceramics …

Biomorphic silicon carbide ceramics are light, tough and high-strengt h materials with interesting biomedical appliions. The fabriion method of the biomor phic SiC is based in the infiltration of molten-Si in carbon preforms with open porosity. The fina l product is a biostructure formed by a tangle of SiC fibers. This innovative process allows the fabriion of complex shapes and the

Cytocompatibility of bio‐inspired silicon …

Cytocompatibility of bio‐inspired silicon carbide ceramics Cytocompatibility of bio‐inspired silicon carbide ceramics López‐Álvarez, M.; de Carlos, A.; González, P.; Serra, J.; León, B. 2010-01-01 00:00:00 Due to its good mechanical and biochemical properties and, also, because of its unique interconnected porosity, bio‐inspired silicon carbide (bioSiC) can be considered as a

Marine Precursors-Based Biomorphic SiC …

Biomorphic silicon carbide ceramics is very promising as a natural base material for biomedical appliions due to their excellent mechanical-biochemical properties and biocompatible behaviour. This innovative material is produced by molten-Si infiltration of carbon templates obtained by controlled pyrolysis of biological precursors. The final product is a light, tough and high-strength


Biomorphic SiC ceramics have been fabried using different wood precursors. The porous ceramics [5], fibrous ceramics monoliths [6], etc). The pores close during silicon carbide formation from the volume increase of the

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Porous Biomorphic SIC for Medical Implants Processed From Natural and Artificial Precursors . J. Ramirez-Rico, C. Torres-Raya, D. Hernandez-Maldonado, C. Garcia-GaAan, J. Martinez-Fernandez, and A.R. de Arellano-Lopez . POROUS CERAMICS . Strength and Permeability of Open-Cell Macro-Porous Silicon Carbide as a Function of Structural Morphologies

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Cordierite bonded porous SiC ceramics having pore fractions (ε) between 0.33 and 0.72 and pore sizes of 6–50 μm, flexural strength of 5–54 MPa, and elastic modulus of 6–42 GPa were prepared by oxide bonding at 1350 °C in air compacts of SiC, Al2O3 and MgO powders with petroleum coke (PC) as the sacial pore former. To test the applicability of the porous ceramics in the fluid flow

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Silicon Carbide Ceramics for Nuclear Appliion p.387. Home Key Engineering Materials Key Engineering Materials Vols. 122-124 Appliions of Porous Ceramics. Appliions of Porous Ceramics. Article Preview. Abstract: Add to Cart. Info: Periodical: Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 122-124) Edited by: Hamid

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High purity: CoorsTek PureSiC ® CVD Silicon Carbide uses chemical vapor deposition (CVD) to produce ultra- pure (>99.9995%) ceramic parts and coatings. CoorsTek UltraClean™ Siliconized Silicon Carbide (Si:SiC) is a unique silicon carbide in which metallic silicon (Si) infiltrates spaces between the grains ─ allowing extremely tight tolerances even for large parts.

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Erosion and strength degradation of …

Effect of starting Si contents on the properties and structure of biomorphic SiC ceramics Strength degradation of SiC fibers with a porous ZrB2-SiC coating: Role of the coating porous structure Characterization and oxidation properties of biomorphic porous carbon with SiC gradient coating prepared by PIP method

The properties of porous TiO2TiC/C and TiC …

Comparison of the porous structure of TiC/C biomorphic material with pure TiO2 after high temperature process and TiC ceramic wood. Biomorphic cellular silicon carbide ceramics from wood: I. Precessing and Microstructure, Journal of the European Ceramic Society 18 (1998) 1961-1973.

Elasticity and inelasticity of the SiC/Al-13Si-9Mg

The acoustic investigations of the elastic (Young’s modulus) and microplastic properties of a composite material, the SiC/Al-13Si-9Mg biomorphic metal ceramic, were performed. The ceramic was prepared by infiltration of the Al-13Si-9Mg melt into porous silicon carbide derived from wood of two species of trees, beech and sapele. The measurements were performed with a composite piezoelectric

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