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cored solder wire

ALPHA® Cored Wire

ALPHA® Cored Wire Description: Alpha has a range of flux cored solder wires for component attach, rework and touch-up soldering for through-hole and surface mount technologies. The range includes no-clean, water-soluble and activated rosin fluxes in a variety of

Spitting of Flux-Cored Wire Solder

Grade Solder Alloys and Fluxed and Non-fluxed Solid Solders for Electronic Soldering Appliions 3.0 Test Specimen One five meter length of the J-STD-006 flux-cored wire or ribbon solder (may be cut into several smaller lengths for convenient handling). 4.0 4.1

Wire Solder - Qualitek

Delta Solder Wire Qualitek utilizes state-of-the-art wire extrusion and wire drawing machines to manufacture low residue/fine diameter wire solders. Many of our formulations use the latest in no-clean/low residue technology found in our solder pastes and solder fluxes. We …

Alpha Cookson Solder Wire - Flux Cored Tin-Lead and …

Alpha Cookson Solder Wire – Flux Cored Tin-Lead and Lead-Free Alpha Cookson solder wire is used by electronic companies worldwide in production factories and service centers. Alpha Cookson solder wire are used for rework and touch-up soldering for through-hole and SMD Soldering in surface mount technology (SMT).

Solderindo - Lead Free Solder Wire

LEAD FREE CORED FLUX SOLDER WIRE Alloy Type Alloy Composition Diameter Appliion Temperature o C SI100C Sn R, Cu 0,7%, Ni, Ge 0,8mm - 1,6mm 360-390 SAC305 Sn R, Ag 3%, Cu 0,5% Flux Type Classifiion Flux Content

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Shaoxing Tianlong Tin Materials Co.,Ltd. have been specialized in Zinc Wire manufacture for many years. Our main products are various kinds of Zinc Rod,Solder Wire Also including Tin Alloy, etc.Welcome to do business with us.


Multicore 99C Cored Solder Wire will ensure that completely lead-free asselies are produced. P RODUCT RANGE Multicore 99C Cored Solder Wires are lead-free substitutes for eutectic and near eutectic tin/lead solders commonly used for hand soldering

RA Cored Wire Solder Product Bulletin - Metallic Resources

RA Cored Wire Solder stays highly active at soldering temperatures for excellent wetting properties which results in superior flow. The wire solder is glycol-free, and exhibits good thermal transfer. Copper oxide is easily dissolved when the solder is molten. It is

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China Cored Wire manufacturers

ARAX 96S 4C 1.6MM H 500G Multicore / Loctite, Solder …

The 629455 is an acid cored Solder Wire for metal fabriion. Pre-cleaning is not normally necessary and the speed of its fluxing actions ensures that the solder will flow between laps by capillary action, giving maximum strength with the minimum amount of solder. Arax cored solder wire contains multiple cores of flux to ensure flux continuity and more rapid flux flow than would be obtained

Cored solder | Article about cored solder by The Free …

Per FIGURE 7, 1mm, Teflon-insulated, solid copper wire was hand-soldered to the required test points, using a no-clean, lead-free cored solder wire. IPC-CC-830B vs. the ''Real World'': samples subjected to typical end-use qualifiion testing revealed the importance of the appliion technique on the performance of certain coatings

“405” No Clean Cored Wire

Appliion Solder iron tip temperatures should range between 600-700 F for Sn63Pb37 and Sn62Pb36Ag02 alloys. Heat both the land area and component lead to be soldered with the iron prior to adding Kester 405 cored wire. Apply the solder wire to the land

10pcs50cm Aluminum Solution Welding Flux Cored Rods …

Details about 10pcs50cm Aluminum Solution Welding Flux Cored Rods Repair Solder Wire Low Melt 10pcs50cm Aluminum Solution Welding Flux Cored Rods Repair Solder Wire Low Melt Item information Condition: Brand New Bulk savings: Buy 1 AU $4.94

Flux Cored Wire Solder Shelf Life

Cored wire solder is generally very shelf-stable. The core flux is a nearly solid material and therefore is not prone to reaction-related degradation over time in the same way that solder paste is. The biggest impact to the performance of cored wire throughout the is

Solder Wire, Rosin Core Solder | Mouser

Solder Wire, Rosin Core Solder are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Solder Wire, Rosin Core Solder. To use the less than or greater than function, please select a value first.

Cored Solder Wire No-Clean

Cored Solder Wire No-Clean NC600( No-Clean) Utilizing synthetically refined resin and a very effective activator, NC600 wets and spreads like an RA type. NC600 exhibits virtually no splattering. NC600 conforms to J-STD-004. NC601(No-Clean) Containing a very

Kester Solder - 26-6040-0061 - Kester, 44 Flux-Cored, …

Kester, 44 Flux-Cored, Solder Wire, Alloy 60/40, .062 In, 5 lb Spool Download Datasheet SHARE Or copy this link to share: Copied to clipboard Availability Can ship immediately: 5 Request Lead Time Price Qty. Standard Price 1 $219.38 5 $179.89 10 $171.11

Appliions for Flux-Cored Solder Wire - Kester| DigiKey

An overview of the flux-cored solder wire products available from Kester Solder. Back EDA & Design Tools Digi-Key’s tools are uniquely paired with access to the world’s largest selection of electronic components to help you meet your design challenges head-on.

Flux Cored Wire for Soldering Aluminum | Superior Flux …

Post-solder residues are water-soluble and should be cleaned post soldering. Check out Superior AFCW Wire used in our “ 3 Methods Of Soldering Stainless Steel To A PCB ” video. See our full range of Aluminum Flux , as well as our full line of Industrial Soldering Flux and Electronics Solder…

Technical Data Sheet Multicore 362 & 366 - Farnell element14

cored solder wire: xGood wetting on most common surfaces xTwo activity levels: Multicore 362 for general work and Multicore 366 for more difficult surfaces xNon-corrosive xFast soldering xRosin based xHalide activated PRODUCT RANGE Multicore 362 and

Wire Solder TDS & SDS - Qualitek

Wire Solder TDS & SDS qualitek 2020-06-17T10:42:41-05:00 Wire Solder Technical Data & Safety Data Sheets Leaded No-Clean Wire Solder Leaded Water-Soluble Wire Solder Leaded RMA Wire Solder Leaded RA &SRA Wire Solder Technical Data NC600

CORED SOLDER WIRE - Farnell element14

CORED SOLDER WIRE Sn99.3 Cu0.7 CA & CMA Presentation conform to the NFT 01-100 standard WIRE SN99.3 CU0.7 CA CMA TOXY-UK-V01.doc RADIEL FONDAM 33 Rue Maurice Gunsbourg 94200 Ivry sur Seine Tel.: 33 (0)1 46 72 54 23 - [email protected] 2

Welding Wire - China Flux Cored Welding Wire, Er70s-6 …

Tin Solder Cored Wire Agglomerated Flux egory Industrial Equipment & Components Welding & Soldering Supplies Welding Wire Material Copper / Copper Alloy (2,446) Tin (1,363) Aluminum / Aluminum Alloy (1,278) Nickel / Nickel Alloy


ALPHA FLUITIN 1532 NO CLEAN CORED SOLDER WIRE Type: J-STD-004 – ROM1 / IPC-SF-818-M3CN/ ISO 12224 – 1.1.2 / DIN 8511-F-SW26 DESCRIPTION Alpha Fluitin 1532 is an activated rosin cored solder wire developed for general hand soldering

Solder Wires - Loctite | Mouser

These solder wires are available in both solid and cored versions and have been enabling rework and hand soldering operations for years. The multiple flux core technology in the cored wire options distributes flux evenly throughout the solder wire, providing fast wetting and high solder joint reliability.

Shelf life and Storage of Multicore Brand Cored Solder Wire

The Multicore brand cored solder wire has no special storage conditions. The material is stable over a wide temperature range. Recommended storage conditions 70-85F (20-30C) with 20-50% RH.Exposure to temperature extremes [below 32F (0C) and above

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